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With less than 25 games remaining in the regular season, it’s time to start thinking about who will win the NBA Championship. Current NBA Championship odds show the Golden State Warriors are heavily favored at -200 with the Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs far behind in second and third at +300 and +350, respectively. Any analysis presented here will be based on the assumption key players from all teams will stay healthy for the duration of the regular season. Note: Stated odds are reflective of what’s available at selected online sportsbooks and may vary from one site to the next.

Eastern Conference – As of this writing, the Eastern Conference is wide open. While current NBA playoffs odds show the Cavaliers favored at -400 to win the conference, the Toronto Raptors at present represent great value at +600 based on the fact they are only 2.5 games back for the #1 seed and have actually won the regular season series against the Cavaliers 2-1. The only other team that seems to have a realistic chance to make it to the NBA finals would be the Boston Celtics at +1000 who have won 17 of its last 21 games. Also, the Celtics are the fourth highest scoring team in the league, #1 in the conference, which make them dangerous against any team in the conference. As indicated above, the conference is competitive and anything could happen. With that said, the conference’s #4 and #5 teams, Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls, respectively, are dealing with serious injuries. Barring a miracle, it just doesn’t seem likely that either of these two teams nor anyone else have the firepower to defeat the Cavs, Raptors and Celtics in an extended series.



1 Cavaliers 42 17 0.712 0 25-12 6/5 25-5 17-12 7/3 W1
2 Raptors 40 19 0.678 2 26-10 9/1 22-6 18-13 7/3 W1
3 Celtics 37 25 0.597 6.5 25-16 7/5 21-10 16-15 7/3 W4
4 Heat 34 26 0.567 8.5 21-16 8/4 19-12 15-14 6/46 W2
5 Hawks 33 28 0.541 10 21-17 7/6 19-12 14-16 4/66 L1
6 Hornets 32 28 0.533 10.5 21-15 5/7 20-9 12/19 8/2 W2
7 Pacers 32 29 0.525 11 21-15 6/7 18-11 14-18 5/5 W1
8 Pistons 31 30 0.508 12 20-16 7/6 18-11 13-19 4/6 L1
9 Wizards 30 30 0.5 12.5 21-18 7/5 16-16 14-14 7/3 W4
10 Bulls 30 30 0.5 12.5 18-19 6/5 19-11 11/19 3/7 L4
11 Magic 27 33 0.45 15.5 16-21 3/8 17-15 10/18 5/5 W1
12 Bucks 25 36 0.41 18 17-20 4/6 17-11 8/25 5/5 L1
13 Knicks 25 37 0.403 18.5 16-24 6/6 15-18 10/19 2/8 L2
14 Nets 17 44 0.279 26 9-25 5/6 11/22 6/22 4/6 L2
15 76ers 8 53 0.131 35 2-35 1/10 5/24 3/29 0-10 L10


Analysis: It’s hard to pick against a team led by Lebron James. However, the Cavaliers have some internal issues that are becoming increasingly more problematic for a team that desperately needs team chemistry. The Raptors look like the right play. With great team chemistry and a couple of exciting young players in DeMar Derozen and Kyle Lowry, this is a team on the come. They play good defense and can score with anyone in the league except perhaps the Warriors. Should the Celtics continue improving, they could upset the apple cart. However, they just seem a player away from reaching the promise land. Assuming the Cavaliers and Raptors meet in the conference finals, the Raptors have the feel of a team on the improve while the Cavaliers appear to be going the other way.


The Pick: Toronto Raptors


atlanta hawks

Atlanta Hawks +3500 

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics +1000

Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets +7000

Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls +1600

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers -400

Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons +6000

Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers +3000

Miami Heat

Miami Heat +1800

Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks +11000

New York Knicks

New York Knicks +12000

Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic +10000

Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors +600

Washington Wizards

Washington Wizards +4000

* All other teams are theoretically eliminated


Western Conference – This is indeed the wild wild west. The league’s three best teams, the Warriors, Spurs and Thunder all have the talent to go all the way. Even a healthy Clippers team could make some noise if Blake Griffin comes back at full strength. With all that said, the conference title still goes through the NBA’s defending champion Golden State. Not only is the team on target to break the NBA’s record for wins (72), but they have also dominated the other three teams under consideration with a record of 6-0, including 3 wins on the road. It’s worth noting the Warriors have 17 home gains remaining on the schedule and 3 games remaining against the Spurs. Losses in all three games could certainly change the playoff picture.

1 Warriors 54 5 915 0 31\3 1\3 25 29\5 9\1 W6
2 Spurs 51 9 85 35 30\5 9\2 29 22\9 9\1 W6
3 Thunder 42 19 689 13 29\8 10\1 25\8 17\11 4\6 L1
4 Clippers 40 20 667 145 21\14 7\5 21\10 19\10 7\3 W3
5 Grizzlies 36 24 6 185 21\16 6\5 22\9 14\15 6\4 W2
6 Mavericks 33 28 541 22 21\16 5\8 19\12 14\16 5\5 W3
7 Trail Blazers 33 29 532 225 23\16 9\3 19\12 14\17 8\2 L1
8 Rockets 30 31 492 25 22\19 7\7 17\14 13\17 4\6 W1
9 Jazz 28 32 467 265 15\20 5\7 19\12 9\2 3\7 L4
10 Kings 24 35 407 30 12\24 5\8 14\16 10\19 3\7 L4
11 Nuggets 24 37 393 31 13\27 4\9 12\18 12\19 4\6 W1
12 Pelicans 23 36 39 31 15\24 4\9 16\13 7\23 5\5 L2
13 Timberwolves 19 42 311 36 10\25 2\1 10\21 9\21 4\6 L2
14 Suns 15 45 25 395 10\27 3\7 11\21 4\24 1\9 L1
15 Lakers 12 50 194 435 5\34 1\9 7\2 5\3 1\9 L1

Analysis: Of course any of these teams could win a game or two, but it seems highly unlikely that anyone can win a 5 or 7 game series over the Warriors without solving the Stephen Curry/Klay Thompson problem. The Spurs have the best defense in the league, but in the team’s only meeting with Golden State to date, they were blown out 120-90 in Oakland. Current NBA playoffs odds for the Western Conference are Warriors -250, Spurs +225 and the Thunder at +550, indicating gambling exerts think it’s Golden State’s title to lose. This writer agrees.


The Pick: Golden State Warriors




Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks +13000

Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors -250

Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets +6000

Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers +1000

Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis Grizzlies +7500

New Orleans Pelicans

New Orleans Pelicans +26000

Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder +550

Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers +13000

Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings +25000

San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs +225

Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz +25000

* All other teams are theoretically eliminated


Who Will Win the NBA Championship?

In a Raptors/Warriors final, the odds differential would be enormous. It’s notable that current NBA Championship odds have the Warriors at the aforementioned -200 and the Raptors at +3000. For the final series, you can figure on the Warriors being much shorter odds. Not surprisingly, the Warriors won the season series 2-0, but both games were won by an average of only 4 points. That leaves very little margin for error.


Analysis: So who will win the NBA finals? One has to assume that both teams will kick it up a notch by the time the finals come around. NBA finals predictions are about identifying the team that comes in with the best resume, playing at the highest level. The Warriors have played at an unprecedented level since day one. They even survive a six-game stretch with Curry nursing an injury that cost him a few games. The final dagger in the hearts of the rest of the league is the fact the Warriors are undefeated at home and are almost assured of having home court advantage for the entirety of the playoffs. The reality is that in order to win the Western Conference, they will have defeated the other top teams in the league. They are young enough to endure everything thrown at them and until someone can figure out how to stop Curry and offset the team’s depth, the only reasonable NBA finals predictions would be for a two-peat.

The Pick: Who will win the NBA finals? Golden State Warriors



Miami Heat +6000 Atlanta Hawks +7500
Milwaukee Bucks +25000 Boston Celtics +4500
New Orleans Pelicans +50000 Charlotte Hornets +35000
New York Knicks +50000 Chicago Bulls +6000
Orlando Magic +18000 Cleveland Cavaliers +300
Oklahoma City Thunder +1200 Dallas Mavericks +30000
Portland Trailblazers +30000 Detroit Pistons +25000
Sacramento Kings +40000 Golden State Warriors -200
San Antonio Spurs +350 Houston Rockets +12000
Toronto Raptors +3000 Indiana Pacers +8000
Utah Jazz +60000 Los Angeles Clippers +2500
Washington Wizards +9000 Memphis Grizzlies +15000

* All other teams are theoretically eliminated


As the end of NBA’s regular season nears, the betting action figures to become fast and furious. Not only will gamblers be looking at betting on teams to win the championship, they will also be looking for action on individual games. This will include point spreads, over/unders and proposition bets on player and team performance.


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With the Golden State Warriors playing in uncharted waters, this has been one of the most interesting NBA seasons in recent memory. The best part is we have been able to take the ride with you. For the remainder of the regular season all the way through the NBA finals, we will continue bringing you the latest news, lines and player updates.


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