EPL Week 33 Predictions

fulham vs Manchester united


Predictions for EPL this week

Week 33 in the English Premier League is going to be a decisive one for both ends of the table. Read the preview all the games and see the predictions for EPL this week.


It is the time of the season where one defeat could spell disaster. The title race looks like it will be a three-horse race between Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal F.C. The hot favorites are Leicester and have points in hand over the other two. They have no distractions and have shown all season that they can defy the odds. Spurs youngsters are getting all the plaudits and rightly so. They have looked solid and exciting going forward. In Alli and Kane, they have the two best English players in their team. If they can hold their nerves, they are in with a great shot to get their first title since 1961. The Gunners will have to go unbeaten if they are to have a chance of winning the title.


The fight for a top four finish and Champions League qualification is the most thrilling in years. It looks likely that at least two of the usual qualifiers are going to be knocked out this season. It will have a major impact on the big teams, and it will make their quest attract the best players more difficult. It is possible that Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea could all fail to qualify which is unbelievable when you consider these were the top three favorites to win the title.


The relegation battle is between the two biggest rivals in the North East of England. It is likely that one of the giants will be relegated this year, and it could even end up with both going down. Norwich City is the other team thrown into the mix, with one club out of the three surviving.

# Team Games played Wins Draws Losses Goals For Goals Against Goal Difference PTS
1 Leicester City 32 20 9 3 55 31 24 69
2 Tottenham 32 17 11 4 57 25 32 62
3 Arsenal 31 17 7 7 52 30 22 58
4 Man. City 31 16 6 9 56 32 24 54
5 Man United 31 15 8 8 39 27 12 53
6 West Ham 31 13 12 6 49 37 12 51
7 Southampton 32 13 8 11 41 33 8 47
8 Stoke City 32 13 8 11 36 39 -3 47
9 Liverpool 30 12 9 9 46 41 5 45
10 Chelsea 31 11 11 9 49 41 8 44
11 West Brom 31 10 10 11 30 37 -7 40
12 Everton 30 9 11 10 51 42 9 38
13 Bournemouth 32 10 8 14 38 54 -16 38
14 Watford 31 10 7 14 30 36 -6 37
15 Swansea City 32 9 10 13 33 42 -9 37
16 Crystal Palace 31 9 7 15 34 42 -8 34
17 Norwich City 32 8 7 17 35 56 -21 31
18 Sunderland 31 6 9 16 36 55 -19 27
19 Newcastle 31 6 7 18 31 58 -27 25
20 Aston Villa 32 3 7 22 22 62 -40 16


Saturday April 8th Week 33 predictions, EPL


West Ham United F.C Vs. Arsenal F.C

West Ham United F.C Vs. Arsenal F.C VS West Ham United F.C Vs. Arsenal F.C


The Hammers have been excellent since the return from injury of their star player Payet. If the player had stayed injury free all season, they would have been in with a chance of winning the title. They will want to prove that they can make a top four finish and will want to beat one of their main rivals that stand in their way.


It should have been the Gunners year to win the title. They are still in with a chance but should not have found themselves in this place. They have been inconsistent, and their defense has looked weak this season. Wenger says he is staying at Arsenal next season, so Gunners fans have more of the same to look forward to. This game will go a long way to deciding their fate this year. This match will be a good test as next West Ham in week 34 our predictions are facing Leicester City.

Predictions for EPL this week 3  2



Swansea City F.C Vs. Chelsea F.C

Swansea City F.C Vs. Chelsea F.C vs Swansea City F.C Vs. Chelsea F.C

Both Swansea and Chelsea have taken large steps backward this season. The Swans are on their second manager and have looked disjointed all year. They are going to need to have a clear out during the summer if they are going to stay in the league next time around.


The Blues have been the worst performing former champions of all time and looked a shadow of the team they were last season. With a new manager coming in over the summer, they are going to need a huge clear out and a large cheque book. Surly next season they can not be as bad as they have this time around? They will find it hard to get the players they want without Champions League football to offer and is going to be a difficult job for the Italian International manager.

EPL Week 33 predictions 0 – 2



Crystal Palace F.C Vs. Norwich City F.C

Crystal Palace F.C Vs. Norwich City F.C vs Crystal Palace F.C Vs. Norwich City F.C

Place and Norwich have had similar seasons. They both started brightly and since the turn of the year have been the two worst teams apart from Villa. Palace has been lucky enough to amass enough points almost to guarantee their safety. They will be looking to get something from the game though just to make certain.


In recently weeks Norwich have given themselves a glimmer of hope for survival. If they can take home the three points from this match, they will be one step closer to achieving that.

Predictions for Week 33 1 – 2



Southampton F.C Vs. Newcastle United F.C

Southampton F.C Vs. Newcastle United F.C  vs Southampton F.C Vs. Newcastle United F.C

Southampton has recovered from a blip in form during the midway point of the season. They have a chance of making the top four but will need to go unbeaten for the remaining games. They will fancy their chances against Newcastle who have a dreadful away record.


Newcastle should be competing at the top of the league every season. It is the most popular club in the North East and is one of the biggest in the UK. If they get relegated once again, it is surely time that the owner sold up and moved on. It shows that they have not learned their lessons from last time and need to be replaced.

EPL predictions for this week 3 – 1



Watford F.C Vs. Everton F.C

Watford F.C Vs. Everton F.C vs Watford F.C Vs. Everton F.C

Watford has been far too inconsistent this season and is something they are going to have to improve if they want to stay in it next year. In patches, they have shown that they can beat the best on their day. It is a big improvement from last year and will be hoping they can kick on even more next time around.


Everton has caused all of their problems by wanting to try to play it every single time from the back. The manager has come under heavy criticism for his style of play, and if they lose Lukaku in the summer, they are going to have problems. Both teams will be happy with a point from the game, helping to guarantee safety.

Predictions for EPL this week 2 – 0



Aston Villa F.C Vs. Bournemouth F.C

Aston Villa F.C Vs. Bournemouth F.Cvs Aston Villa F.C Vs. Bournemouth F.C

Villa has just sacked their second manager of the season and is heading for life in the Championship. It is a division that is the hardest in the world to get promoted in, and they will have to make drastic changes if they are going to do it.


Bournemouth has surprised many this season, and the players have given their all to the manager in every match. They may not have the best players but what they lack in quality they make up for in hard work. The Villa players should take note as if they had put in as much effort as Bournemouth; they would be safe.

EPL Week 33 predictions 0  1



Man. City F.C Vs. West Brom F.C

Man. City F.C Vs. West Brom F.C vs Man. City F.C Vs. West Brom F.C

It has been a strange season for Manchester City. They were the second favorite behind Chelsea at the start of the year, and everything looked to be going well. Their form has dropped since the announcement of Pep Guardiola arrival in the summer. If they do not get it back soon, the new manager could find he is managing a team in the Europa League instead of Champions League.


West Brom does not have anything left to play for. They are safe in the middle of the table, and it will be up to the manager to try to keep his players motivated.

EPL Predictions for Week 33 are 2 – 2


Sunday, April 10th


Sunderland F.C Vs. Leicester City F.C

Sunderland F.C Vs. Leicester City F.C vs Sunderland F.C Vs. Leicester City F.C

At the start of the season, you would’ve said that Sunderland would be the favorites to beat Leicester when they play them at their home ground. That is not the case, and Sunderland is in deep trouble. They desperately need to string a few wins in a row and what better place to start than beating the league leaders.


Leicester fate is in their own hands and they will be expected to beat Sunderland. The players so far have coped with the added pressure of being the favorites. It will be interesting to see if they can hold their nerve until the season comes to an end.

EPL predictions for this week 0 – 0



Tottenham Hotspur F.C Vs. Man United F.C

Screen Shot 2559-03-31 at 9.54.15 vs Tottenham Hotspur F.C Vs. Man United F.C

If Tottenham is going to win their first title in over 50 years, they will need to beat Manchester United. A win will see them keep the pressure on Leicester, and they will hope to capitalize on that over the last few games remaining. The team is playing exceptional football at the moment, and if they can keep it up, they have a great chance.


It has been a disappointing season yet again at Old Trafford and is going to take them longer than they thought it would replace Sir Alex Ferguson. It looks like they are going to have another clear out in the summer to free up lots of funds for a new manager coming in over the summer.

EPL Week 33 predictions 3 – 0



Liverpool F.C Vs. Stoke City F.C

Liverpool F.C Vs. Stoke City F.C  vs Liverpool F.C Vs. Stoke City F.C

Liverpool has struggled to adapt sufficiently to Klopps style yet and will need to buy players in the summer that can fit into the manager’s system. It is still possible that they can qualify for the Champions League, but they are a big outsider to make this.


Stoke have impressed in patches this season and have improved from last year. They seem to be able to up their game against the larger teams and have a habit of giving the Reds a good spanking. It should be an entertaining game with lots of goals.
EPL Predictions for Week 33 are 3 – 2


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