Super Bowl 2017: Early Odds and Predictions

Super bowl odds

With most of the major free agent signings and all draft results in the books for the upcoming 2016 season, it’s time to look at some NFL Superbowl odds and make some Superbowl predictions for 2016. Before considering who will win the Superbowl, it’s worth noting that New England QB Tom Brady has had his suspension from last season upheld by an appeals court. He will be required to sit out the first four games of the season, which could have a material effect on what happens all around the league.


Current Super Bowl Betting Odds

While the Super Bowl betting odds may vary from one online sportsbook to the next, here’s a current listing of the NFL Superbowl odds from a reputable online site. As always, these odds are subject to change for a variety of reasons.


Seattle Seahawks +850

New England Patriots +900

Green Bay Packers +1000

Pittsburgh Steelers +1000

Carolina Panthers +1200

Arizona Cardinals +1400

Denver Broncos +1400

Cincinnati Bengals +1800

Minnesota Vikings +2000

Dallas Cowboys +2000

Indianapolis Colts +2200

Kansas City Chiefs +2500

New York Giants +2500

Oakland Raiders +2500

Houston Texans +2800

Baltimore Ravens +2800

Buffalo Bills +4000

New York Jets +4000

Washington Redskins +4000

Atlanta Falcons +5000

Philadelphia Eagles +5000

Miami Dolphins +5000

Los Angeles Rams +5000

Chicago Bears +5000

Detroit Lions +6600

San Diego Chargers +6600

New Orleans Saints +6600

Jacksonville Jaguars +6600

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +7500

Tennessee Titans +10000

San Francisco 49ers +10000

Cleveland Browns +10000


The Favorites

Super Bowl predictions

It should come as no surprise that the Seattle Seahawks hold a slight advantage at the top of the list. After all, they have been the NFC’s Super Bowl representative in two of the last three years. After drafting to fill gaps on both the offensive and defensive lines, the Seahawks should show improvement on both sides of the ball. That bodes well for a team that showed offensive prowess during the second half of the season even after incurring significant injuries.


Next up is the New England Patriots. As mentioned earlier, the Patriots will play the first four games of the regular season with a back up QB, presumably Jimmy Garoppolo barring a trade. The Pats do get three of its first four games at home against questionable competition. However, this is an ageing team that doesn’t seem to be getting any better. That alone makes putting them at the top of this listing a risky proposition.


In the case of the Green Bay Packers, the oddsmakers are choosing to treat last year’s debacle as a blip on the screen. For anyone who watched what transpired last year, the Packers are clearly overvalued at this level. Some experts will point to injuries as the reason for the team’s demise. While that might seem to be a fair assumption, they had significant problems on both the offensive and defensive lines without injuries in those spots. They don’t seemed to have fixed those problems in the off-season, which makes any bet on them at any price a bad idea.


The Pittsburgh Steelers absolutely warrant being considered a top 5 team. After spending a good portion of the season with starting QB Ben Roethlisberger and RB Le’Veon Bell nursing injuries, they still made a serious run at the AFC championship. Injuries will always be part of the game, but the character this team showed last season speaks volumes about the quality and depth this team possesses. He has to stay healthy, but should Bigben do just that, this is an explosive offensive unit that can score from anywhere on the field. The suspension of Martavis Bryant won’t help its cause, but the Steelers look formidable.


Finally, what should gamblers do about the Carolina Panthers? All through the 2015 season, they dominated the competition. They went 15-1 in the regular season and simply destroyed a very good Arizona team in the NFC championship game. Then a funny thing happened in the Super Bowl when the Denver Broncos showed the rest of the league that a good defensive team could stop QB Cam Newton. Without Newton, the Panthers become a very ordinary football team. They will be helped by the fact they play in a weak division, but one suspects the Panthers will regress a bit a teams load up on Newton and take its chances on the rest of the team not being effective enough to win games.


The Sleepers

Who will win the super bowl

Without a doubt, the Jacksonville Jaguars have to be considered the steam team. Second year QB Blake Bortles showed great progress and WR Allen Robinson emerged as a legitimate superstar with 1,400 yards receiving and 14 TDs. This is a young team that just used the draft to pick up some great talent and some of the pieces that were missing from last year’s team on the defensive side of the ball. Asking this team to win the Super Bowl is a lot to bet on, but they have a solid chance of making it into the playoffs. At +6600, the price makes this a risk worth taking for bettors who know how to hedge bets during the playoffs.


At +2000, the Minnesota Vikings offer surprising value. This is the same team that took the NFC North title away from the Packers after several years of futility. Experts will debate the virtues of QB Teddy Bridgewater until the cows come home, but the fact remains, he is improving and he has a great grasp on a conservative offensive approach. The Vikings scored a major deep threat in the draft by selecting WR Laquon Treadwell, which should give the offense more flexibility. On defense, this was a top 5 squad that projects to be just as good if not better this season. There’s chemistry here and that should not be taken lightly.


Teams to Avoid

super bowl betting predictions

A mass exodus in Denver is cause for legitimate concern. Never has a Super Bowl team suffered so many key losses of personnel after winning the NFL title. John Elway will do everything in his power to plug the holes, but one has to wonder about the internal structure of a team that can’t retain its players.


In Dallas, the situation is substantially different. Many experts question why the Cowboys drafted Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott in the first round when they already have several equal options already on the team. QB Tony Romo has undeniable talent, but also has a knack for getting hurt. When he went down both times last year, the results were disastrous. The fact remains the Cowboys have a small window for winning a championship with its incredible offensive line and Romo at the controls. It’s hard to put a finger on, but owner Jerry Jones seems to be making a lot of mistakes and missing opportunities to make this team better. The draft should have been focused on defense.


Football fans won’t soon forget the incredible run the Kansas City Chiefs made last year after starting the season 1-5. In fact, they became the first team in history to make the playoffs after such a disastrous start. Much of the credit goes to a defense that ended up ranked number three in the league. With many of the same players returning on that side of the ball, the defense seems set. On offense, the story is very different. This article is about betting on who will win the Superbowl. Do Alex Smith and company represent the kind of offense that has the firepower to go all the way? The Chiefs may not be as bad as they looked the first half of last year, but they probably aren’t as good as they appeared the rest of the way. Gamblers have to pass on this team until they show they can compete on offense.


Super Bowl Predictions 2016

super bowl expert picks

Over the coming weeks and months Super Bowl expert picks will be flooding the market. Everyone will have the requisite analysis to support their contentions. Given the number of different Super Bowl expert picks that will be available, gamblers would be justified to simply employ their own strategy and hope for the best. With that said, this expert recommends choosing one favorite and supplement it with one sleeper that offers great value.


The Steelers feel like the right play if they stay healthy and improve on defense. They can score on anyone and the schedule looks favorable. That would be a strong play on a favorite. There were two sleepers offered above for consideration. The Jaguars offer great value, but they may be two years away from being a Super Bowl caliber team. The Vikings have been improving for three years. The team experienced a major breakthrough last year when they overtook the Packers for the division title. Another move forward from a young team like this, which just keeps getting better, is certainly worth risking a wager on with a potential return on +2000.


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