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While Luxbet might not be one of the most popular bookmakers operating in Australia, the site still has a solid reputation within the industry. From a website that offers access to thousands of monthly betting opportunities to a mobile app that is considered to be among one of the best in the industry, Luxbet has everything a punter could want from an online gambling site. For more information check out our Luxbet review.


The betting menu includes a wide range of games and sports from all over the world. Punters can wager on straight bets, parlays, prop bets, future odds bets and in-game action to their heart’s delight. For punters who prefer playing the horses, the site offers wagering on horse racing venues from all over the world, offering track odds and a wide range of punting options.


Luxbet Bonuses

Admittedly, the Luxbet promotional package might be a tad bit short in its number of available bonus offers. However, the quality of the offers is more than respectable. The site provides a nice welcome bonus of free bets available for a variety of different sports. After a relationship has been established, Luxbet will continue offering intermittent free bet offers on both sports and horse racing. With reasonable rollover requirements, these are bonus offers that can easily have a material impact on a punter’s bankroll.


In order to improve the quality of its bonuses, the site recently moved away from a restrictive betting policy that required free bets to be placed on a single, one-time event. Now, punters can use their free bets in a manner that is more consistent with other top sports and race books where wagers can be made on multiple events with the bonus monies provided by the bookmaker.


The Luxbet Mobile App

As indicated above, Luxbet has one of the best mobile apps in the industry. While the original mobile application was developed several years ago, it wasn’t until the application received a major overhaul in 2013 that it gained in status. The Luxbet app is available to punters who prefer placing wagers while on the go through the use of their tablets and smart phones. Luxbet mobile is currently available for devices that are compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems. For punters who are looking for Luxbet mobi access through the use of devices that function off other operating systems such a Windows Phone and Blackberry, the Luxbet mobile site is available through the use of standard web browsers.


Installing the Luxbet Mobile App

In order to assure punters are excited about using the Luxbet app, the site’s software developers worked hard to make sure the application is both easy to install and use. The entire installation process can be handled without the need for any additional software downloads or uploads. Here’s a quick look at the application’s 5-step installation process.


Step 1: Sign up for your free wagering account and await account verification.


Step 2: While using the designated mobile app, you will want to type in and hit send. This is going to redirect you to Luxbet mobile site where you can directly access the mobile application.


Step 3: You will immediately see an Android and Apple icon on your device. By clicking on the icon that corresponds with the device you are using, you will be able to download the appropriate mobile app.


Step 4: To initiate the downloading process, you will tap on the Luxbet.apk link, which starts the download process. For any questions or requests that might pop up during the process, you will want to reply by clicking on OK. The whole downloading process can be accomplished in a manner of minutes.


Step 5: – When the download process has been completed, the only thing left to do is make a deposit and start making bets through your new Luxbet Mobi.


Using the Luxbet Mobile Site

If you are unable to access the Luxbet sportsbook site with the site’s free mobile app, you take comfort in knowing you can still use your tablet and/or smart phone to place wagers. By typing into your favorite mobile device web browser, you can still view lines and place wagers as though you were using the Luxbet Mobile application with very few limitations. In the process, you are assured the same quality of experience you would receive if you were using the mobile app or the site’s standard web site.


Luxbet Mobile App – The Verdict

For punters, a wagering mobile app is only effective if it allows them to view lines and place wagers on the go with a minimum of effort. While the Luxbet app could certainly use a few tweaks to make it more efficient, it has more than enough functionality to get the job done. As it stands now, punters are experiencing very few issues making their selections and placing their bets. Both the application and mobile web sites offer quick response times and easy navigation capabilities. Overall, the application might not be the best in the industry, but it certainly belongs somewhere in the top 10 with very little keeping it from top 5 consideration.


About Luxbet

The Luxbet sportsbook site was first introduced in 2008 by owner and operator TabCorp Holdings. TabCorp is a publicly held company listed on the ASX. Through its Luxbet Europe Limited subsidiary, the company operates under the regulations and licensing provided by Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. In order to provide wagering services to residents in the UK, the company also maintains a license with the UK Gambling Commission.


On a daily basis, Luxbet offers a robust menu of wagering opportunities that includes hundreds of games across dozens of sports being played around the globe. Australian punters will enjoy the opportunity to wager on sporting events in such sports as Australian Rules Football, rugby, soccer and basketball. Punters throughout Europe will enjoy having access to sports such as soccer, darts, golf, boxing, cricket and hockey. The daily menu also includes sporting events from the US. Betting lines are provided for the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, NCAA BB, NCAA FB and MLB.


For horse racing fans, the race book offers hundreds of races on a daily basis from major race tracks located throughout the world. While the wagering menu covers most, if not all, of the racing venues located in Australia and New Zealand, punters will also have access to top race tracks in France, Ireland, the UK, Germany and North America. A wagering menu for Greyhound and Harness racing is also available.


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