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Luxbet Deposit Bonus Promotion

Australian bookmaker Luxbet has shown time and again that it’s the quality of bonuses offers that matters more to punters than the quantity. This online sportsbook has taken a quality over quantity approach since its inception in 2008. Luxbet is owned and operated by its parent company, TabCorp, which has extensive holdings in the adult gaming industry throughout Australia and other parts of the world. The company is licensed and regulated by the gaming authorities in the Isle of Man.

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After a quick review of Luxbet’s site, it becomes quite apparent the promotions manager has a strong preference for free bet offers. The promotional menu is restricted to a Luxbet deposit bonus on the punter’s initial deposit, plus a variety of daily and weekly free bet offers designed around specific sports events and horse races being carded from venues located all over the world. When compared to other top online sportsbooks, one would have to agree that the offers being put forth by Luxbet are solid, especially the Luxbet deposit bonus.


Current Luxbet Promotions

While all bonuses are subject to change from one day to the next, Luxbet has a history of putting forth promotions and holding those promotions in place for a significant period of time. Such is the case with the site’s current welcome deposit free bet offer. As the offer stands, punters are eligible for $150 in free bets for simply making a deposit of $50 or more. There are no qualifying bet requirements. Terms and Conditions include:

  • The offer is only applicable for Australian punters located in the following provinces: QLD, TAS, ACT and NT.
  • All free bet wagers and the requisite rollover requirement must be completed within 30 days of making the initial deposit.
  • Free bets must be made in minimum increments of $10 on eligible markets. Multi-event wagers, promotional markets (special events) and 2/3 or less contingency wagers will not be recognized as qualifying bets for certain requirements.
  • On winning free bets, only the amount of winnings will be credited to the punter’s account with the free bet stake amount going back to Luxbet.
  • To meet withdrawal eligibility requirements, free bets or associate winnings must be wagered at least one time on an event that carries odds of +150 or greater. Additionally, wagers on both sides of the same event cannot be used to meet eligibility requirements.


For additional term and conditions, punters are encouraged to visit the site.


Note: Terms and conditions on daily and weekly free bet offers may vary from one offer to the next. It is incumbent on each punter to read all terms and conditions prior to claiming any offers. Failure to do so could result in confusion, which might lead to the unnecessary forfeiture of the free bet bonus and/or any associated winnings.


The Luxbet Deposit Promotion Code

In order to claim the deposit free bet offer, punters will need to use a Luxbet deposit promotion code. The Luxbet deposit promo code will be issued at the time the punter initiates their first deposit. After registering their account, the punter will be issued a private deposit promo code Luxbet via email or SMS directly to the punter’s cell phone.


After receiving the code, the punter will need to initiate their first deposit through the site’s deposit function. After choosing the appropriate deposit method and a deposit amount of $50 or more, the punter will enter their private Luxbet deposit promo code into the appropriate field. After the initial deposit has been deposited into the punter’s wagering account, the Luxbet deposit bonus amount will be placed in a separate bonus account within one business day. From there, the punter is able to start using the free bet amount at their own discretion based on the terms and conditions listed above.


Promotion Codes for Other Free Bet Offers

For future free bet offers, an additional deposit may or may not be required. If one is required, the punter will receive their deposit promo code Luxbet in much the same manner as described above and follow the same deposit procedures to claim the offer. If an additional deposit is not required, the amount of the free bet offer will most likely be deposited directly into the punter’s bonus account along with an email that will layout the promotion’s applicable terms and conditions.


For more information related to free bet promotions and the associated promo codes, punters should contact one of Luxbet’s professional customer service representatives. Also, punters should be able to find the relevant bonus details listed under the site’s “Bonus Bet FAQ” section.


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  1. Joey says:

    No code is needed, I just cleared $150 using the link on your review page.

    Thanks guys!

  2. John says:

    Unfortunately this offer is not available in NSW.

    Good for those in other states though.

  3. Tim says:

    I couldn’t get it in Victoria either. they must not have a bookies license here.

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