Ladbrokes Free Bet Rules: How Does It Work? Use, Claim, Redeem

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In the three years since its introduction into the Australian online bookmaking market, Ladbrokes Australia has wasted little time becoming one of the country’s top bookmakers. With an absolute focus on customer care, the company has succeeded in capturing the imagination of its customers by creating the kinds of promotions that are able to maintain customer loyalty while also claiming a fair share of the new punter market.

One of Ladbrokes’s most popular promotions is its welcome aboard free bet promotion. In recent weeks, the company has upped the ante, now offering new customers up to $500 in free bets based on the punter’s first settled bet of equal value. A settled bet is defined as a bet that has gone final. Here’s a look at the Ladbrokes free bet rules.

How Does Ladbrokes Free Bets Work?

Each and every bookmaker in Australia has a different methodology related to how its free bet offers work. It’s important for each punter to take the time to read all the relevant rules in order to protect themselves from any misunderstanding that could cause them to forfeit their bonus bets and any derived winnings. The Ladbrokes free bet offer requires that the punter follows the Ladbrokes free bet terms and conditions to a tee.

How to Claim a Ladbrokes Free Bet Offer

In order to claim the Ladbrokes free bet offer, the punter will need to register for a new account. Only one account is allowed per customer. After the account has been established, it’s time for the punter to make their first deposit. The amount of the first deposit is up to the punter, but they should anticipate making it large enough to claim as much of the free bet offer as they can afford. At the prompt to select a banking option for deposit, the promo code is automatically filled into the appropriate spot. Once the deposit amount has been approved and deposited into the punter’s regular wagering account, they can begin the process of redeeming the offer.

How to Redeem Ladbrokes Free Bet Offer

Based on the offer’s terms and conditions, the punter is required to make one qualifying bet of any amount, ranging between the promo’s stated minimum and a maximum limits. The qualifying bet must be made on an eligible market and may exclude special events and/or multi-event wagers. After the bet has been placed and the wagering event(s) have gone final, the punter’s free bet allocation will be placed into their bonus bet wagering account. From here, they can begin the process of using their free bet allocation.

How to Use Ladbrokes Free Bet Offer

It’s very important for punter’s to pay specific attention to the stated wagering guidelines for free bets. It’s easy to make a mistake and cause oneself to forfeit the right to their free bets. Each free bet offer’s wagering guidelines are a little different. Under the Ladbrokes free bet terms in place on the current offer, the punter has 7 days to make their free bet(s). They have a choice between placing one wager for the entire amount or four equal bets that add up to the total amount. The wager(s) must be made on an position that carries odds of +1.5 or more. That’s a pretty standard term that is used by most online bookmakers. If the punter wins any of their free bets, the winnings, minus the stake amount, will be placed into their regular wagering account at which time it is available to be withdrawn as real cash.

When it comes time to make a withdraw, the punter may be subject to standard conditions related to withdrawals. The two primary conditions are related to a pending period of 48-72 hours before the withdrawal request is processed, and the need to submit documentation that will be used to verify the punter’s identification.

In closing, punter’s need to be aware that they are responsible for understanding the terms and conditions related to any offer. Each bookmaker takes a different view of customer promotions and free bets, which often dictates the kinds of terms and conditions they each put in place. As long as the punter strictly follows Ladbrokes’ guidelines related to any promotion, they should have no problems taking advantage of as many offers as they want.


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