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Due to the competitive nature of the online bookmaking industry in Australia and Europe, most of the top online bookmakers are faced with the task of finding unique ways to provide extra value to its loyal punters. In recent months, Ladbrokes has made a special effort to promote its new Ladbrokes VISA card. By providing punters with this easy-to-use cash-in feature along with a Ladbrokes pre-paid credit card, punters reap the benefit of having instant access to their winnings instead of having to wait for wire or cash transfers.


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Deposit with Cash-in

Ladbrokes cash in

You can now enjoy the benefits of Ladbrokes newest feature “Cash-in” which allows for greater flexibility by allowing you to deposit cash directly into your Ladbrokes betting account. By using Cash-in at one of the 1000+ news agents in Australia you can in seconds add funds to your account by using your smartphone, desktop computer (with printer) or a Ladbrokes prepaid card. The aforementioned Ladbrokes prepaid credit card allows you to add funds to your account whenever you like without having to use your own credit card.

Ladbrokes Cash-in FAQ:


Question: What is the easiest way to use Ladbrokes Cash-in?

Answer: The easiest way to deposit money into your Ladbrokes account is to use either the Ladbrokes app or mobile site. And follow the steps below.

1. The first step is to enter the deposit amount into the Ladbrokes app.

2. Then an individual QR code will be sent to you along with the location of a nearby participating newsagent.

3. Inform the newsagent that you want to deposit cash into your Ladbrokes account and scan the QR code on the iPad terminal at the counter.

4. Pay with cash or with your credit card and automatically your account will be topped up.


Question: Are there any other ways to use cash-in?

Answer: Not only can you use cash-in to top up your existing account you can also sign-up for a new account in the store and purchase a Ladbrokes pre-paid credit card.


Question: What is the smallest amount I can deposit?

Answer: The smallest amount you can deposit is $10 (for cash-in and Prepaid credit cards)



About the Ladbrokes VISA Card

Ladbrokes card

Also referred to as the Ladbrokes debit card, this Ladbrokes card carries all the same characteristics found with a regular prepaid VISA card. Punters can use the card anywhere that VISA cards are accepted, plus they have the ability to access funds through any ATM, VISA payWave, VISA or EFTPOS terminals. The card is also available for use when making online purchases. The card issuer is Cuscal Limited with Ladbrokes Digital Pty Ltd (Ladbrokes) acting as an authorised agent. Note: Some purchase and cash withdrawal transactions are subject to transaction fees. These fees are not being charged by Ladbrokes, but instead are being initiated by the card issuer and merchants.


Punters are cautioned to not view this Ladbrokes card as a loyalty card, gift card or reward card. It is meant as a value added benefit to be used as a Ladbrokes debit card without the backing of a credit facility.


How to Apply

With the best possible customer service being the number one consideration, Ladbrokes has made the application process as easy as possible. The entire process can be handled with just two clicks. Once the punter logs into their regular wagering account, they will see the Ladbrokes Card icon on the right side of the screen in the “My Account” section. By simply clicking on the icon, they will be asked to verify their mailing address and the process is complete. Punter can expect their card to arrive by mail within 7-10 business days. If the card is not received within 14 days, the cardholder needs to immediately contact a Ladbrokes customer service representative at 1300 523 276.


How to Activate

Prior to using the cash card, punters will need to activate their card online. When the card comes in the mail, there will be an introduction letter in the envelope. On the introduction letter, the card issuer will provide a PIN number and an activation code located at the top of the form. The punter will need to login into their wagering account, go to the My Account section and enter the activation code in the designated spot, then click on “activate.” Once the process has been completed, the punter will be able to use their new card as advertised.


Using the Card

Since this card is designed to be used as a prepaid credit card, the punter will have to deposit funds into the card account prior to using it. The deposit process can be handled in one of two ways. The easiest way is for the punter to simply transfer existing funds from their wagering account directly to the prepaid card account. Any available funds, including those from applied winnings, are instantly eligible for transfer. If the punter wishes to deposit more than what is available in their wagering account, they can make a regular deposit into their wagering account and transfer those funds as soon as they are approved and deposited as requested.


As indicated above, the Ladbrokes VISA card can be used to make online purchases, purchase goods and services from brick and mortar merchants, or to withdraw cash at designated ATM, VISA payWave, VISA or EFTPOS terminals. All card deposits, purchases and cash withdrawals are subject to per transaction and daily limits. Punters should refer to the terms and conditions section on the website to verify which limits are in place at any given time.


Frequently Asked Questions

In order to avoid confusion, punters are encouraged to review the FAQ section related to the Ladbrokes’ card offer. Here are a few of the most common questions asked by cardholders.


Question: Can I change the PIN Number once the card has been issued?

Answer: No. The PIN number is a permanent record. If you should lose and/or forget your PIN number, you can retrieve the number by logging into your wagering account and going to the “eMerchants PIN Recovery” section in the My Account area.


Question: Who should I contact if I have a problem using my card or want to report the card lost or stolen?

Answer: Should you have issues related to your prepaid card, you will need to immediately contact a Ladbrokes representative at 1300 523 276.


Question: Where and how can I review my account activity?

Answer: After logging into your wagering account, you can immediately access your last 10 prepaid account transactions by going to the My Account section. If you want to see complete record, you can visit and enter your card number followed by the PIN number. Access is available on laptop and desktop computers, as well as with the Ladbrokes mobile app.


Question: Can the card be used as a loyalty card, reward card or gift card?

Answer: While you can certainly purchase gift cards with your prepaid card, it has no other affiliation with any other kind of card.


For anyone who would like to take advantage of this offer, but is not yet a registered Ladbrokes customer, you can get this card by registering for a regular Ladbrokes wagering account. Once registered, you are immediately eligible to apply for a card.

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