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ladbrokes odds boost

Ladbrokes Australia has done a good job of establishing themselves as one of the premiere bookmakers in the country. While they provide a great wagering board filled with great football odds and cricket odds, a lot of the credit for the bookmaker’s success goes to its promotions manager who has shown that generosity and innovation are the keys to drawing new customers and keeping the existing ones happy and satisfied.


Value Added Promotions

After punters get the opportunity to benefit from an excellent welcome bonus bet promotion, they enter the realm of an established punter. From there, they get access to some really nice sports betting and horse punting promotions built around Ladbrokes odds and/or the opportunity to get rebates on losing wagers. In the sports betting area, most of the promotions involve giving the punter an opportunity to get extra value on Ladbrokes fixed odds plays or multi-event wagers. In some cases, the promos are set up to target a specific sports event while in other cases, the punter has a bit more latitude.


In the race book, a touch of real innovation comes into play. Ladbrokes Australia gives punters as much value as possible without giving away the store. From one promotion that pays punters even if their horse gets taken down because of a protest to another promotion where the punter can predict the margin of victory and get higher horse racing odds, punters will find there’s something exciting for everyone.


The Ladbrokes Odds Boost Promotion

ladbrokes odds

After reviewing many of the top Australian bookmakers, the conclusion can easily be reached that one of the best horse racing promotions seen in years is the proprietary Ladbrokes Odds Boost promotion. The bookmaker anticipated this promotion being so popular that they have applied for patent on the promotion, which is currently pending. In a nutshell, the Odds Boost promotion allows the punter to boost their odds on one bet a day based on the current Ladbrokes fixed odds. That’s right. Each punter who has earned boost points can take their best bet on any given day and get extra value by boosting the horse racing odds on that horse.


How Odds Boost Works

ladbrokes horse racing odds

Here’s a look at how the Odds Boost promotion works. At the end of each day, punters are allotted boost points based on their punting action from that day. The following day, those boost points are available for use on any horse in any race, restricted to one horse a day. Boost points cannot be carried over from one day to the next.


In order for the punter to redeem their boost, they will need to fill out a regular bet slip. If boost points are available, the boost icon will appear on the bet slip. By clicking on the Odds Boost button, the Ladbrokes betting odds on that particular horse will be increased proportionately to the boost points that are available. Once the boost has been applied, the punter has the option of accepting the new Ladbrokes betting odds or passing and saving the boost for another horse. If the punter likes what they see, they can lock in the wager and watch their horse run for the big win.


Odds Boost Questions

As one could imagine, a new and exciting promotion such as this will raise a lot of questions from interested punters. Here’s a quick look at some of the common questions being asked.


Question: Can the Odds Boost promotion be used in conjunction with bonus bets or other offers?

Answer: No. This promotion is only available to punters who are making real cash wagers from their regular wagering account.


Question: How many times can I use the boost function on a given day?

Answer: The boost button will only be available on betting slips until the boost has been excepted one time. After that, the boost button will no longer appear until the following day. Note: From time to time, Ladbrokes might elect to give its loyal punters a free boost. When this occurs, the boost button will appear in blue and the punter’s boost account will not be charged.


Question: Can I accumulate boost points in my account from one day to the next?

Answer: No. Any boost points not used during the racing day will be forfeited. The new allocation of boost points will be posted at 12:01 am.


Question: Is there a maximum wagering amount that the boost can be used to increase?

Answer: Yes. The maximum wager that can be accepted is a $1,000 win bet regardless of the Ladbrokes odds.


Question: Can the cash-out function be used on a wager with boosted odds?

Answer: No. The cash-out function will be automatically disarmed on a wager that has been boosted.


ladbrokes football odds

For punters who fancy themselves as astute handicappers, the Odds Boost promotion offers a chance to get great value on Ladbrokes fixed odds when making their best bet of the day. To date, this promotion has proven to be very popular with punters at all levels. So much so that the same technology is being developed for sports punters. That’s right. In the near future, punters will be able to use Odds Boost on football odds and cricket odds, a well as other designated sports. With Ladbrokes promotions like this, it easy to understand why Ladbrokes Australia sits at the top of the list of Australian bookmakers.


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