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Ladbrokes horse racing

Related to Australian punters who believe that one online bookmaker is as good as the next when it comes to punting on horses, one would have to assume that those punters don’t understand the value of a bookmaker’s promotions. If they did, they would likely come to the conclusion that the online Ladbrokes horse race betting is among the best in the business.


Ladbrokes Promotions

As a punter, you want to make sure you get as much value from your punting as possible. To online Ladbrokes horse race betting punters, the Ladbrokes racing book offers a nice menu of betting promotions on Ladbrokes live racing. Here’s a look at a few of the site’s current promos.


  1. Odds Boost – With its patent pending, this promo has quickly become a favourite among online punters throughout Australia. Each day, Ladbrokes allows its qualified punters the opportunity to boost the fixed Ladbrokes horse racing betting odds on one horse. The amount of the boost is determined by the amount of boost points earned from the prior day with no carry overs permitted. The offer is applicable for win bets on any track and any horse.

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  1. Favourite Vs Field This promo will only be offered on designated races only. It will allow punters to place a wager at stated odds on any other horse in the field to win against what is usually a horse that rates as a heavy favourite.

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  1. Pick Your Own Odds – This promo is offered on selected races only. When available, the punter will be able to boost their punting odds by selecting a horse combined with the number of lengths they feel the horse is going to win by. The punter has the choice of either selecting the price they want and letting Ladbrokes’ handicappers determine the price, or they can accept a stated price with the corresponding stated margin of victory.

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  1. Protest Payouts – There in nothing more frustrating than punting on a winner, only to have the horse taken down due to an upheld protest. At Ladbrokes, punters who backed either the interim winner or the official winner will both get paid on races run in Australia.

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In all cases when punting on horses, Ladbrokes punters will always be paid the best Ladbrokes horse racing betting odds being offered from any of the eligible tote services.


Read the Horse Racing Betting Rules Before Signing Up With Ladbrokes Australia

If you are a horse punter looking for a new online bookmaker, Ladbrokes Australia demands your consideration. However, it’s incumbent on you to read through all of the betting rules for Ladbrokes horse racing prior to registering with the site. By making sure you understand these betting rules for Ladbrokes horse racing, you can avoid any confusion that might lead to a dispute or the possible loss of privileges.


For the most part, the rules that govern horse punting on the Ladbrokes website will be the same as those that are being used at each of the respective racing venues. However, there are some betting rules that are only applicable to Australian punters when using the Ladbrokes live racing menu.


Here’s a look at some key Ladbrokes racing rules that punters need to understand.


  1. Betting Times – Ladbrokes accepts two types of wagers from a timing standpoint. For ante-post wagering, bets will be accepted up until the full field has been finalized. For post-time betting, win and place wagers will be cut off at 1 minute to post while exotic wagers will be cut off at 4 minutes to post.


  1. Winning Limits – Based on industry standards, Ladbrokes Australia has established a table that dictates the maximum amount that will be paid on winning wagers. The table is divided up based on racing jurisdiction with the higher limits going to wagers placed on Australian metropolitan racing venues. For more information, players should look at a review of Ladbrokes.


  1. Special Website Features – In order to help punters with their handicapping and wagering, Ladbrokes has included a series of special features on its website. These features include horse form and handicapping information, jockey and trainer statistics, barrier draw, current weather and track conditions, arrow wagering indicators and favourite indicators.


  1. Past the Post Payout Rules – On races within the Australian jurisdiction, dividends will be paid as soon as interim prices are available. This does not apply to exotic wagers. On racing venues in other jurisdictions, winnings will not be paid until a race has gone “official.”


  1. Protest Payout Rules – In the event of an upheld protest, both the interim winner and final winner will result in payouts to punters on win bets only, on races at Australian venues only. Only “official” winners will be paid at other jurisdictions.


  1. US Tote Wagering Rules – A majority of the races from the US will be paid out based on the US tote board’s final payouts. Only win, place and exotic (trifecta, exacta) will be used.


Again, it is your responsibility to read and understand the rules that govern horse punting with Ladbrokes Australia. For more information about promotions of the rules, you are encouraged to look at the rest of the Australian free bets bookmakers available.


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