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Have you ever found yourself nervous about a pending 5-team multi-game bet after the first four games hit and your awaiting the start of the last leg? How many times have you thought to yourself that you wish you could just cash out, take your profits and run for exit? Thanks to a new innovation in the online bookmaking industry, you now have the option to do exactly what was described above.

ladbrokes cash out

The Ladbrokes Cash Out Option

Some Australian bookmakers have a reputation for being industry innovators while others prefer to follow the trends and come late to the party. In the case of Ladbrokes Australia, they would definitely be considered an industry innovator. As a Ladbrokes customer or if you are considering opening an account, you might be asking the question, “can you cash out with Ladbrokes Australia?” The answer is yes!


With that in mind, let’s take a look at the current Ladbrokes Cash Out offer. In what many punters might see as an interesting little twist, punters are able to cash out with Ladbrokes options on a partial basis. Thats correct. While many of the top online bookmakers require players to cash out on an all-or-nothing basis, the Ladbrokes partially accepted cash out offer allows punters to cash out a certain percentage of their bet and stay in action on the remaining portion.


How Can You Cash Out With Ladbrokes Australia?

After you have placed a straight bet or multi-event wager on an eligible market or markets, you wager(s) become subject to the cash out with Ladbrokes options. When the time is appropriate, the cash out feature will appear on your betting slip, which you should be able to see under your pending wagers tab. If you so choose to cash out, you would simply click on the cash out option and use the percentage slider to indicate how much of your wager you wish to claim. After you submit the cash out request, you will need to await a final price on the offer. If you like what you see, you can claim it by clicking the final cash out button.


How Do You Cash Out on Ladbrokes App?

Ladbrokes app

Even if you get the urge to cash out on a wager while you’re running errands or on the go, you will still have the opportunity to do so using the Ladbrokes mobile app. Just sign into your account on your mobile device and follow the same instructions listed above. If you want to see the status of your cashed out wagers, you can also do that directly from your mobile device.


Ladbrokes Cash Out Rules

ladbrokes cash out rules

In order to avoid any confusion, let’s take a look at some of the key Ladbrokes cash out rules.


  1. The cash out feature is eligible to appear only before the start of the applicable event. On straight or single bets, it should be clear that the punter is going to get back less than their stake. On multi-event wagers, the cash out feature will be available in between events, prior to the start of the next scheduled event.


  1. The cash out feature will not be available on exotic wagers, handicaps, novelty wagers or any events in which the game has already started.


  1. Under no circumstances will the cash out offer be available on wagers made with bonus bet credits.


  1. If you have already accepted two cash out offers on a single bet, your following cash out requests may be placed on “referred” status in order to allow the bookmaker time to manually review the request for approval or rejection. When a cash out request has been referred, the punter with see “Cash Out Offer Pending” in their display.


  1. In some cases, a cash out request might be “rejected.” This will typically occur for one of two reasons, either there is a problem with the request or the punter has already hit their limit of eight accepted cash out offers.


For general bookmaker terms and conditions, you should refer to the “Promotions” section on the Ladbrokes website.


Determining When to Take Advantage of the Ladbrokes Partially Accepted Cash Out Offer

Whether or not to take advantage of a cash out offer is simply a matter of personal preference. In some cases, you might find out a key player is being withheld from a game, which might put undue pressure on your wager. In that case, you would definitely want to consider taking advantage of the cash out offer, even at a potential loss. In the case where you are entering the 6th or 7th game of a large multi ticket, you might want to take some nice profits in lieu of risking those winnings after having such a nice run.


In all cases, it’s important for you to understand that you will experience an overall devaluation of your wagers when you choose the cash out option. Now that you understand how the process works, you want to make sure you use good judgement and strategy when making your choice. For more information about how to accept cash out offers on a your desktop or how do you cash out on Ladbrokes app, please feel free to visit the Ladbrokes Australia site or contact one of its customer service representatives.



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