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bet365 is one of the largest online bookmakers in the world. In Europe, the company is recognized as one of the most consistent and reliable online bookmakers a punter could encounter. In Australia, bet365 certainly has a decent presence and a reputation. However, they don’t seem to make much of an effort when it comes to putting up promotions and bonus bet opportunities directed towards Australian punters.

Free Bet Offers bet365

Aside from the occasional free bet offers from bet365 that are given as rewards for loyal punters, the only viable bet365 free bonus offer currently being advertised is directed towards new customers. After opening an account and receiving thebet365 200 free bet promo code, the punter becomes eligible for up to $100 in free bets based on a match of 100% on their first qualifying deposit of at least $10. The 10-digit bet365 200 free bet promo code will be issued by text or email.
After the initial deposit has been confirmed and deposited into the punter’s regular wagering account, the punter will have 7 days to make their free bets related to the designated bet365 free bonus offer. Each free bet wager will require that the punter enter the appropriate 10-digit bet365 200 free bet promo code. From there, punters will be guided by the bet365 free bet rules that have been put into place to dictate how the free bet monies are to be used and what is required to make those monies eligible for withdraw.

The bet365 Free Bet Rules

bet365 free bet terms and conditions
As is always the case with any promotion from any bookmaker, this particular offer is subject to specific terms and conditions. Here are a few of the most pressing of these guidelines.

1. Unlike many of the other bookmakers’ welcome offers, the only persons not eligible for this offer are based on a predetermined list of countries, many countries in Asia and other parts of Eastern Europe.

2. Free bets must be made in increments of at least $10 on eligible markets, excluding Asian Handicap and Goal Line markets and special events.

3. Should the punter realize any winnings from their free bets, those winnings will be deposited directly into the punter’s regular wagering account. The original stake amount from the free bets will be returned to the bookmaker.

4. Once the bonus bet winnings have been determined, the punter will have 90 days to fulfill the promotion’s rollover requirement.

5. The rollover requirement sits as follows: the punter must make additional wagers that are equal to 3X the original deposit amount. If the deposit was $100, the punter must make qualifying wagers of $300.

6. A qualifying wager is defined as a straight bet on an event or team that carries odds of at least +150, or a multi-wager bet where at least one of the components are carrying odds of +150 or more. Only one wager is permitted on a specific event and eligible markets do not include special events, Asian Handicap and Goal Line markets. Also, cashed out or instant game bets will not count towards the rollover requirement.

7. After the rollover requirement has been met, any remaining free bet winnings will immediately become eligible to be withdrawn. At that point, the punter will need to comply with bet365’s standard terms and conditions related to withdrawals. This could include, but is not limited to, a waiting period based on the requested withdrawal method, and the need to submit the required documentation to be used to properly identify the punter.

8. This offer is only intended for recreational punters. Professional punters and industry insiders will not be allowed to partake in this particular bet365 free bonus offer.

Note: Failure to comply with any and all of the promotion’s terms and conditions will result in the complete forfeiture of any bonus bet monies, plus any additional winnings that may have subsequently been derived from any free bets.

Other bet365 Promotions

bet365 free bet promo code
A quick scan of the other betting promotions currently directed towards Australian punters shows very little in the offering. The site does guarantee horse racing punters the best available tote and has been known to provide intermittent betting promotions related to Australian sports such as cricket, rugby and the Australian Rules Football League. Other than that, the menu of options is rather bare.

If you are interested in receiving more information related to bet365’s free bet offer or any other promotions, you can visit the wagering website or contact one of the bookmaker’s customer service representatives.


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