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bookmaker app for iphone

For the punter who wants to access their wagering account and/or to place wagers while on the go, the app offers the prefect solution. The app has a classic design that makes the punter feel comfortable placing bets from their favorite mobile device. The app’s screens are clean, well-organized and easy to navigate over a professional looking interface. The app is available for mobile devices that operate off of the iOS (Apple) or Android operating platforms. For punters who prefer mobile devices that operate off of other operating systems (Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.), they can still access the Bookmaker mobile site through the use of an appropriate URL address and their web browser. Read our review for a broader look at the websites offers.


Bookmaker App for iPhone

bookmaker mobile site

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular mobile formats in the world. Combined with the iPad product line, the number of potential Apple users in Australia runs in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. In order to meet this extraordinary need, Bookmaker has done a great job of streamlining the download process for the Bookmaker app for iPhone. The app is available for free to punters by directly visiting the Apple App Store or by clicking on the link provided on the bookmaker’s online website.


Once the punter has downloaded the app, they will have instant access to view lines and wager on thousands of sports events and horses from all over the world on a weekly basis. The will also have access to the same free bets and betting promotions being offered to punters who are accessing their accounts through a PC. Punters will enjoy the convenience of making secure deposits through an app that features the latest in SSL digital encryption technology. They will also enjoy the ability to filter through sports event and horse racing venues to locate the games and races they are most interested in from a wagering standpoint. All of this access is available with the simple click of a couple of buttons.


What punters seem to enjoy the most about this app is the opportunity to watch live sports and horse racing events right on their mobile device. While this feature is currently restricted to a small number of events on a daily basis, the day is coming when punters will be able to follow all of the favorite teams and horses whenever they want from wherever they want.


Bookmaker App for Android

The good news for Android device users is that they have the exact same access as iPhone or iPad users. The mobile app for Android users is available for free directly from the Google Play store or by clicking on the link provided on the Bookmaker website. Once the app has been downloaded, the punter can register for an account, get their free bets by making an initial deposit and start making money while wagering from anywhere in the world where they have mobile signal access.


The Bookmaker Mobile Site

While the app software was designed specifically with iPhone and Android devices in mind, the folks at Bookmaker don’t want any punters to feel left out. In fact, any punter with a mobile app should be able to access the Bookmaker mobile site through their device’s web browser. All they need to do is enter the URL into the address bar and the exact same mobile site will be instantly available.


If you have any concerns or would like more information about Bookmaker’s mobile app, you should feel free to visit the site or contact one of the website’s professional customer service representatives at your own convenience. As punters look towards doing more of their wagering while on the go, it should be comforting to know that Bookmaker has an app that makes the process easy, efficient and accurate.


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